Getting back on track..

March 27, 2007

I mentally started jaspoid (my company) on Christmas Eve 2006 – as a gift to myself – with the simple idea of playing around a bit in the web standards and blog publishing world. Less than a month later I seriously started working on Wordly to become jaspoid’s first product – a really efficient weblog platform, both cost and code wise.

About 2 months ago, when jaspoid became a proper company (with tax and business registration, and all), I’d kind of hit a wall. Wordly was basically done – but – it was nothing new under the sun. As much as I love simplicity, it was just good old Blogger with slimcoded web standards. Not good enough.

I did another, slicker version in February, but it turned out the same. War of the clones. And not good enough.

Today, I’m officially starting working on “try three”, and I’ve added 3 major design features to make sure it stands out:

  1. Templating. Wordly will support all major template languages: Movable Type, WordPress, old and new Blogger, included.
  2. Mobility. Making it able to import blogs from other platforms makes sense when trying to grab a market share, but portability the other way should also be important. Thus, Wordly commits to export to any blog platform, at a user’s request, and within 7 days.
  3. Visuality. Editing like it should be: directly in the blog, looking exactly like it ends up published. No matter if it’s restyling the blog, rearranging a sidebar, adding a blogroll link, or a new entry. Right there, simple as it can be.

And to celebrate being back on track, Wordly is now offering WordPress blogs with 2 gigabytes storage, 6 gigabytes monthly traffic, and a free .org or .com domain, at an almost insane price of $9 first year, at least this and next week. (Usually $24/year.)


4 Responses to “Getting back on track..”

  1. I have checked “”.
    What is Hosting company or paid blogging service??

    there is no information about hosting plan, features and support in homepage.

    how strange it is!

  2. Daniel Gr said

    And we run too! 😀

  3. range said

    Are you still alive?

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