Ok, ok!

March 9, 2007

No bullshitting this time. Wordly is:

  1. Inexpensive. At $16 a year, including 1 (.com/net/org) domain and 2 gigabytes of storage, we’re confident we offer the world’s best priced personal blog service.
  2. Fast. All pages on Wordly – including blog pages – will be smaller than 10 kilobytes, including CSS. In just 1 request (at less than 10 KB), with no external stylesheets or javascript, we’ve made sure every page will load fast and smooth.
  3. Simple. Talking of the devil. While WordPress is one techy piece, we’re just ordinary people who love storytelling. We’re simply not interested in drowning our users in new, nifty features. Wordly will always just be for writing, sharing, and enjoying media together.
  4. For everyone. If there’s one thing we strongly believe in, it’s enabling everyone access to web content. Thus, every single page on Wordly will be validating XHTML 1.0 Strict, while trying our best to meet W3C’s web content accessibility guidelines.

End of story!

PS. Oops. This wasn’t exactly “how Wordly deviates from other blog services”, was it? Well, you get the basic picture now, at least, and you’ll get to see for yourself in time. Till then – take care!


2 Responses to “Ok, ok!”

  1. Daniel Gr said

    Thank you, friend. But will the world ever learn how to spell it? 🙂

    My father has an email account on it, and he has to spell it out to everyone, but it still becomes “worldly.org” usually. 😀

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